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Galizien German Descendants Issues 1-12

Past Issues of the Galizien German Descendants Newsletter

GGD Newletter #1, January 1995

Beginning Research Methodology
Determine Places of Origin Using Maps & Gazetteers Interested in Writing your Family Records in Book Format?
Mennonite Christmas and New Years
Recipe - Portzilkas
A History of Galicia
Sharing Our Heritage (Members Surnames/Villages) Messages from Members
Can You Help?
For the Computer Dis-Advantaged
Books to Share With Members
Items of Interest from FEEFHS

GGD Newsletter #2, April 1995

Germans in Galicia
How I do Genealogy in Eastern Europe - by Paul Polansky
Non-Electric Data Sources
1995 National Genealogical Society Conference in San Diego 3-6 May '95
Genealogy Conference in Seattle, Washington
Accessing E-Mail Bulletin Boards
Books and Articles for Sharing
Documenting Your Research - (How to)
Topographical Maps of Galicia (Where and how to obtain)
Success Stories
Contributing Data to the Ancestral File Sharing Our Heritage (Member Surnames/Villages)

GGD Newsletter #3, July 1995

Catholic Settlements of Michalowka and Josefowka - by von Basilius Krysa Leipzig
Records Available from Deutsche Zentralstelle Für Genealogie
City Bridges / Staedte-Bruecke
Inquiries by Members
Anyone Wish To Travel to Galicia?
Can You Help?
Can You Help Irma Erhart
Galiziens Mennoniten Im Wandel Zer Zeiten - T.P. Miller and Glenn Linscheid
Books / Articles to Share:
Galicia & Bukovina - A Research Handbook about Western Ukraine Late 19th & 20th Centuries by John Paul Himka
Die Glockengiesser von Galizien under der Bukowina 1585 by V. Michele Joubert (GGD Member)
Family photographs looking for an identity - from Irma Erhart
Books of Interest News from Several Genealogical Societies:
Misselwarden Ostsippenbuch and various church books from Cushaven, Bremen area
Your Genealogy in the Library of Congress
Obtaining Galician Maps from Vienna's Kriegsarchiv
Transcribed Manitoba Cemeteries Which Include East European Names 
LDS Microfilms of Catholic Records from Austro-Hungarian Empire now available at Family History Libraries
E-Mail and Internet Info:
Accessing E-Mail Addresses
National Archives Now on Internet
E-Mail news from Apple Computer Co.
Genealogy Society Conferences / Conventions
Genealogy Research "A Preponderance of Evidence" by Felix G. Game
FEEFHS Convention Flyer
Sharing our Heritage - Surnames, Villages and Members Codes
Geib Family Reunion
Success Stories Irma Erhart & Betty Wray
Members' Names, Home and E-Mail Addresses

GGD Newsletter #4, October 1995

ZEITWEISER - Article from 1982 issue Poechersdorf - by Siegmund Kolmer (translated by Mark Forkheim)
1. Cemetery Listing of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Aurora, IL - Dolores Duy
2. Reichsheim / Hohenbach church records (LDS Microfilm) - Fred Wilhelmi
3. Computers and Genealogy - Fred Wilhelmi
4. Arbeitsgemeinschaft OstDeutscher Familienforscher - Betty Wray
Map of Poland
Report of FEEFHS Convention at Cleveland, Ohio, 4-5 August 1995 - Betty Wray
Gazetteers for Poland: An Overview
Following The Paper Trail to Your Ancestral Village in Eastern Europe
Accessing Polish Vital Records For Your Ancestral Village in Poland
all three FEEFHS articles above by Jan S. Zaleski
Books To Share: Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to World Wide Sources and Migration Patterns by Dr. Edward R. Brandt
Book of Interest: Where To Look for Hard-To-Find German-Speaking Ancestors in E. Europe
Federal Budget Cutting (FGS Forum)
Galician Adventure - Carol R. Leonard
Surnames, Villages and Members Codes/Corrections & Additions
Member Name, Home and E-Mail Addresses/Corrections & Additions
Call for Nomination of Members to the Galizien German Descendants Board

GGD Newsletter #5 January 1996

Zeitweiser 1976 - How The Heuchert Family Came to Slavitz, by Filip Heuchert, translated by Else Kikulus
Zeitweiser 1986 - Old Mainz in Galicia by Immigrants from Mainz, Trier, Worms and Bavaria in East Galicia (Bruckenthal) by J. Gieszcynski

Comments on Geib Family Reunion and Research Suggestions by Michele Joubert Dolina
Archives - a letter from Carol Leonard
Update of Galician Study Underway - T. P. Miller (a.k.a. E. E. Ewy)
Heimatbuch Ein Gedenkbuch pages 149-151, 1965 - Church Activity by Girls and Women in Galicia by Lillie Zockler and translated by Heinz Mueller
Accessible Vital Records for the Germans from Galicia: A Second Zabuzanski Collection at the Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (AGAD) - Originally published in East European Genealogist - Brian J. Lenius
Galician Articles: Materials Found in Volumes 1-3 of the East European Genealogist - Brian Lenius
Joining Other Genealogical Societies - Betty Wray
Yours, Mine and Ours: Records, Rights and Responsibilities by Curt B. Witcher, FGS Forum President
Foreign Currency Exchange Made Simple - extracted from FGS Summer 1995, Vol. 7. No. 2, p. 11
How to Request Photocopies from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Library
Need Help on Volhynian Research? by Jerry Frank
Maiden Names Recorded in Future Census Records
World War II Prisoners Of War in Russia
SUCCESS STORY by Evelyn Wolfer
Obituary of Mrs. Emilie Mueller Konrad of Padew, 21 September 1995.
Additions and Corrections to Surname, Ancestral Village and Code Number
Additions and Corrections to Member Names, Home & E-Mail Addresses

GGD Newsletter #6 April 1996

Mennonites in Galicia by Gustav Mueller taken from Heimat Galizien Ein Gedenkbuch 1965 (pages 168-176) as translated by Peter Andersen
Bandrow Colony - written by Jakob Frambach, submitted by J. Streilein
The Parish of Ugartsthal over 100 Years Ago - by Dr. Julius A. Kolatschek, Vienna 1869, and Memories of Ugartsthal and Landestreu by Hermann Schick, Pastor in retirement - Original text in German from the Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen 1876 Both articles translated by John Koch, and submitted by Alan Shute.
Map of Landestreu about 1890
Map showing location of Bandrow, Ugartsthal and Landestreu
Transcription of Gravestones by Bruce J. Martin, Memphis, TN.
News from Other Genealogical Societies:
Ways to Find a Maiden Name - CSGA Newsletter, June 1994
Public Broacasting Station Genealogy Program
Canadian National Registration Records - East European Genealogist Vol. 4, #2
News from Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT
Corrections and Additions to Members' Names, Addresses and E-mail
Corrections and Additions to Surnames, Ancestral Villages and Codes
Internet and E-Mail News
Books of Interest/Maps
Upcoming Conventions FEEFHS - Minneapolis, MN June 8-12, 1996 - Brian Lenius will be speaking on Multi-Ethnic Galicia, Research in Galicia, and Researching Galizien Germans
Formula for Calculating Past and Future Day of the Week

GGD Newsletter #7 July 1996

Mennonites from Galicia (Kleinpolen): Some Historical Notes - by Glen Linscheid - previously published in Mennonite Historian Vol. XXI, No. 3, September 1995)
Power Translator Program (German) Review - by Fred Wilhelmi
Adam Karst Recalls His Life in Bruckenthal, Galicia and Coming to America - submitted by Evelyn Wolfer
International Genealogical Index (IGI) Updated by Addendum - Part I by Elizabeth L. Nichols, AG, Salt Lake City, Utah (FGS Forum, Fall 1995, Vol. 7 #3 page 5- 8)
How to Preserve Photographs and Important Documents
Books, LDS Microfilms and LDS Research Outlines of Interest
Expulsion of Germans in 1944-45
Archive Addresses for Germany and Poland - Sylvia Gidley
Galizien German Descendants Library
Success Stories:
Hohenbach, Padew, Reichsheim, Reinischau, Goleschaw, Mikolajow - Veit Olschinski and several GGD members have family connections
Fred Bieber, Allan Shute and Tuila Jaroschewski all have same family names
Request for Hilfskomitee Partial Listing of Births and Galician Villages
Possible surname Rudolph from Hohenbach connections
E-Mail & Internet News
FGS Conference 14-17 August 1996 in Rochester, New York
Complete Up-to-date printing of Surnames / Ancestral Village List
Complete Up-to-date listing of Members and Current Addresses

GGD Newsletter #8 October 1996

Trip to Germany for Geib Family Reunion - Michele Joubert
The Bellcasters from the Bukowina and Galicia: The Geib Family 1585 - (Condensed from Die Glockengiesser von der Bukowina und Galizien - Michele Joubert
The Geib's of Katharienendorf, Bukowina - submitted Michele Joubert
Family History of Rudolf Family From Hohenbach - compiled 1 June 1947 by Ferdinand Rudolf (translated and submitted by Steven Stroud)
International Genealogical Index (IGI) Updated by Addendum - Part II by Elizabeth L. Nichols AG, Salt Lake City, UT (FGS Forum, Winter 1995, Vol. 7, #4)
Christmas in Galicia - Das Heilige Band newsletter of the Hilfskomitee Dec. 1995 translated F. Wilhelmi
News From Other Genealogical Societies:
FBI Files As A Source Of Genealogical Information (article by David Chapin extracted from Everton's Genealogical Helper Jan-Feb 1996, pages 6-7.)
Texas German Society
World War I Draft Records
East European Branch, Manitoba, CA Publications
Hungarian-American Friendship Society
Genealogy Forum of Compuserve
Note from Veit Olschinski
Books Of Interest
Upcoming Conferences or Events
Success Stories
Internet and E-Mail Information
Village Coordinators, Pedigree Charts & Family Group Sheets by Betty Wray
Sharing Our Heritage (Additions and Corrections to Surnames/Ancestral Villages/Codes)
Hilfskomittee Birthdays with Members Addresses and Birthplaces
Sharing Our Heritage - New Members and Corrections

GGD Newsletter #9 January 1997

Recent Trip to Josefsberg, Galicia 1996 by Jim Puppe
The Heimat Galizien - Ein Gedenkbuch - German Emigration from Galicia by Walter Kuhn (translated by John Forkheim, a new GGD member)
Book on Ugartsthal (including Horucko), 1785-1939 by Manfred Daum, comments by Dr. Edward Brandt
Galizscher Recipes
Rufnamen - Or a Rose by any other Name" by Elaine D. Schwar by permission of The Journal of the Berks County (PA)
Genealogical Society
German Symbols as found in Parish Books and Other Records
News from Other Genealogical Societies and Organizations
FGS - New release of Ancestral File
New and Interesting Family History Stuff in Salt Lake and the Family History Library
Galicia Genealogical Magazine by Knoblochs
Why I Joined A Genealogical Society in Poland - Stanley Brescoll (excerpted)
Maps and Gazetteers
Renewing Ribbons & Cartridges - Emil Kouba (Lewis & Clark PAF Users Group, Vol. 4, #11)
Disappearing Surnames - Emil Kouba (Lewis & Clark PAF Users Group, Vol. 5, #3)
Santa Claus's Predecessors Brought from Germany
German Identity Papers (explanation of)
Upcoming Changes in German Language
Updated Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) Austria, Galizien - Betty Wray
Tid Bits
Books of Interest
E-Mail and Internet News (for Searching Jewish Genealogy)
Do You Need a Letter Translated?
Rudolph's Ortslexicon on WWW
A New Genealogy Research Library - Kindred Konnections,Inc.
Upcoming Conferences and TV Series
Success Stories
Members - additions and/or corrections
Sharing Our Heritage - Additions Surnames and Villages
Village Coordinators

GGD Newsletter #10 April 1997

The Heimat Galizien - Ein Gedenkbuch - Die Heimat Und Ihre Geschichte -
Galizien, Land und Leute by Von Wilhelm Metzler.(pages 9-19) Galicia, Land
and People. Translated by John Forkheim, Eva Rowley
Success Story by T. P. O'Connor (Lubianki, Zbaroz, Tarnopol)
Organizing Your Research
Washboards, An American Invention
Ships Manifest Techniques - Researching Your Ancestors on Ship's Passenger Lists using the LDS FHL
E-Mail & Internet News:
Social Security Death Index On-Line
Need to Locate a Town - Mapquest
How Do I Access the Library of Congress
LDS (Mormon) website
Calendar Conversions On-Line (between Julian and Gregorian calendars)
LDS Microfilm Master for Poland
Bukovina Genealogy Mailing List
Slownik Geograficzyn, a geographic dictionary of Poland
Jewish Genealogy Corner
How To Locate Your Shtetl
Austrian Law of 1875 Pertaining to Civil Registration - AVOYOTNA (Twelve Year Index)
Pre 1826 Russian-Poland Civil Registry & Jews in Early Catholic Church Registries
Ukraine - Liverpool Land/Sea Routes
Who Was a Jew in Nazi Germany? Illegitimacy in Galicia Library of Congress Yizkhor Book Contact
Books of Interest
American Naturalization - Processes & Proceedures from 1790-1985
How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust (Auschwitz Look-Ups)
How Relevant is Spelling in Searching for Ancestors
Was Ist Ein Kolon?
Corrections to Newsletter #10 January 1997
Upcoming Conferences
New Members - additions and/or corrections
Sharing Our Heritage - Additions
Surnames and Villages
Village Coordinators

GGD Newsletter #11, July 1997

Alexanderdorf and Katharinendorf: Evangelical Lutheran Communities in Bukovina from 1863 until 1940 from Die evangelischen Gemeinden in der Bukowina
Alexanderdorf und Katharinendorf von 1863-1940 by Konrad Gross and published by Schriftenreihe des Hilfskomitees für die evangelischen Umsiedler aus der Bukowina translated by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Excerpts from "Golden Treasures, The Kullman and Ricker Families" by Janet Chase.
Felix Rücker, A German Painter in Galizien - Von Jakob V. Rollauer (translated by Walter and Marie Doering). This article was also from Golden Treasures.
Journey to America (Frederick Schmal - Czernowitz, Bukovina)
What Was Involved in Traveling Across Europe to Come to America Jews in Winnipeg
Books of Interest
News from Other Genealogical Socities
Polish Addresses; Update on Holocaust Research; Russian Language
Documents; Interested in Obtaining Pictures From Your Ancestral Village?; Patronymics; More Volhynian Records Found; What Happens When I'm an Ancestor?
E-Mail and Internet News
Genealogy Helps or Suggestions:
What Value in School Records
A Different Approach to Finding Your Town and Relative
Genealogy Guide to Poland
Naturalization Records at National Archives
Rzesgow, Galicia Records
Sending Money Overseas
Letter Writing Suggestions
Ancestor Not on the Passenger List?
Hamburg Police Lists
Ship Passenger Lists
Ordering Polish Records
Jewish Corner: Wyszkow (Vishkava) Poland - Vital Records and Cemetery Monuments
HaMagid Records on CD ROM.
Spring Issue of Avotaynu Tid-Bits - Ship Chow; Five Reasons Computers are Female; Ain't This the Truth.
Upcoming Conventions
Sharing Our Heritage - & Village Coordinators separate enclosure
Codes/Members' Addresses as of 15 June 1997 - separate enclosure

GGD Newsletter #12 October 1997

Membership/Newsletter Money Due for 1998
Deutsche Randschau
A Letter from the President - Steven Rudolf Stroud
Auswanderung, Verlustreicher Aderlass Hohenbachs - Emigration, a Painful Loss for the Village of Hohenbach - translated by Ella Numrich Mueller & Dolores Benes Duy - from the ZEITWEISER der Galiziendeutschen 1997 pg. 120-125 by Leopold Wech
Research in Military Records of the Austrian Empire - by permission of Steven W. Blodgett, as presented at FEEFHS Convention in Salt Lake City, UT September 27-29, 1997
Ship Records and Naturalization Records: (contains following subheadings)
1. Information Found in Naturalization Records
2. The Search for Naturalization Records
3. Locating the Records
4. Derivative Citizenship
5. Citizenship for Military and/or Land Purchase
6. Problems encountered using records - can't find Grandpa?
7. Can't find grandma?
8. Tracking a Medical Deportee
9. Certificates of Arrival & Naturalization Papers
10. Where to find Internet info on Archive holdings
Name Changes at Ellis Island
New York Passenger Manifest - Differences Over the Years in Records Not Maintained
Internet and E-mail Sites of Interest
Genealogical Research in East Europe
News from Other Genealogical Societies
Books, Articles, Microfilms, etc. of Interest
On Requesting Social Security Information
Bruckenthal Success Story of Evelyn Wolfer
Sharing Our Heritage - & Village Coordinators - additions/corrections
Codes/Members' Addresses as of October 1997