FEEFHS Conference 2021 - Preliminary Schedule

Submitted by milanct on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 16:29

The preliminary schedule for the FEEFHS 2021 virtual conference is up and running. We are still working on a few small details, but in general, this will be the plan (see below).

Each of the four virtual classrooms will have a separate Zoom link. If you want to switch classrooms, close your Zoom session and activate the link to the class you plan to visit for your next session. More details to those proceedings will be distributed when the registration opens.

Conference Dining

Downtown Salt Lake City has a wide variety of dining venues, from mouthwatering steak to fast food.  Many restaurants are within walking distance of the conference hotel or accessible via lightrail (TRAX).  The information below provides a handful of details.  For a complete list of options by cuisine or location, go

Conference Travel

Salt Lake City, the “Crossroads of the West,” is known for being easily accessible by car, rail, bus, and air. It is also one of the easiest cities to navigate while visiting. Located in the center of the downtown area, the Plaza Hotel is a short walk to the Family History Library, shopping, restaurants, historical sights, and many event venues.