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Class Descriptions Polish Track

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Classes available online and/or pre-recorded (in-person classes are listed further down)

Notarial Records in Poland (Including Partitions)

Notary records predominantly contain agreements of each kind such as: Inheritance cases, Purchase-sale contracts, Premarital agreements, Wills / testaments, Guardianship cases etc. They are a great addition to family histories. They can answer many questions and can solve some genealogical issues.


Military Conscription in the Kingdom of Poland (Russian Partition)

The lecture talks about military conscription lists in the Kingdom of Poland (Russian partition). Where can we find such records and what do they tell us about our ancestors? Are they widely available? You can learn about this and much more.


Five secrets to successful research in Poland

Have you ever stumbled with your research to find your ancestors in Poland because of Poland's complex history? You aren't the first one. You will not be the first one. During their presentation, presenters will point out what you need to understand when diving into research in Poland, looking into the relationship between history, geography, languages, the mosaic of religions, and the type of administration.


Economic Migration from the Second Polish Republic (1918-1939): Gdynia, Gdańsk, and Beyond

The presentation will be focused on the subject of emigration as a political tool of the newly reborn Polish state to mitigate economic crisis and overpopulation. We will look into how the process was organized, what were the major routes and directions of this emigration wave and how it differed from the previous ones.


Classes available only to conference attendees in Salt Lake City

Introduction to Polish Research

Introduction to genealogy research in Poland, including an overview of the methods, records, history & geography, and more to help you get started.


Introduction to Polish Records

Introduction to the various record types used for genealogical research in Poland, including church records, civil registration, and more.


Finding Polish Records Online

Learn about online sources for finding images and indexes of Polish records, including major genealogical societies, archive sites, and genealogical societies.


Understanding Polish Historical Geography

Learn about the changing borders of Poland from medieval times to the present, as well as resources to help you to learn to navigate complex historical geography.