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Anglo-German Family History Society - Background

By Chairman Peter Towey

The Anglo-German Family History Society has more than 750 members, principally from England but also from USA, Australia, New Zealand and - of course - Germany.

People often wonder why so many English people have German roots. There are several reasons;
i) the proximity of the two countries, on either side on the North Sea, and the ease of travel, in times past, from one to the other by sea; 

Polish Immigrants to St. Louis County 1880

(c) copyright 1996 Ray Marshall, all rights reserved 
(Note by Ray Marshall: The spelling of the names is that of the census enumerator, thus many names are known to be misspelled. Additionally, the penmanship or microfilm copy was not always clear enough to be certain as to the actual name intended.

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Polish Churches in Minnesota before 1910

By Ray Marshall

(c) copyright 1996 Ray Marshall, all rights reserved

Often when we are searching for our grandparents and further back, we find that there has not been a lot of information reported about Polish immigration to Minnesota, especially in the last century. The chapter about the Poles in the book, "They Chose Minnesota", is an excellent starting point in the English language for getting an overview of the subject.