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Locality List for Armenian Parish Registers

Filed by Historic Name (Armenian transliteration)
Fonds from the State Historical Archive of Armenia at Yeravan
By Sonja Mirzoyan and Kahlile Mehr, A.G.

Database text copyright © 1999-2017 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc;

Copyright Ownership: This text content of the translation of this web database is the property of the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. “Reprinted by permission. Copyright © 2017 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. In granting permission for the use of this copyrighted material, the Church does not imply or express either endorsement or authorization of this site.”

“Our permission applies to this one use only. This index cannot be published in any other form or for any other purpose without prior written permission.” The HTML coding of this database by the FEEFHS webmaster is the copyright property of FEEFHS.

Acknowledgements: This database is based on a document prepared in 1998 by Sonja Mirzoyan, director of the State Historical Archive of Armenia at Yeravan, Armenia and then presented to the Family History Library (FHL) and also FEEFHS for posting on this website. I thank Sonja Mirzoyan for her excellent work in compling this database in Armenian and Russian.

I also thank Kahlile Mehr, A.G., of the FHL Acquisitions staff at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA for his excellent work in translating Sonya's database into English from the Armenian and Russian cyrillic languages. I also thank the Quorum of 12 (part of the LDS Church senior leadership) for Their approval of the publication of this Armenian database on the FEEFHS Website.

Background: This is a compilation of the names for Armenian parishes in the territory of modern Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan for which records of baptism, marriage, and burial have been preserved in the State Historical Archives of Armenia (at Yeravan, Armenia's capitol city). The work was the result of a cooperative effort between that Archives and the LDS Family History Library (FHL) of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please be sure to visit the Family History Library (FHL) website at where additional genealogy assistance is available.

Special Acknowledgment: Special mention should be made of Sonya Mirzoyan, Director of the Archive, and her countless hours of effort to identify the parishes represented in each parish register and to assure the quality of this index.

Contents of this Armenian Parish Index: This index consists of an alphabetical listing by historical name as transliterated from the Armenian version of the name. See List 1) Below This often varies from the transliteration from the Russian version of the name.

Status and Availability: The material in these index lists has all been filmed by the Family History Library. It is available for viewing at the Family History Library (FHL) at Salt lake City, Utah, and its family history centers. All of these materials can be found in the catalog of the Family History Library (the FHLC) at (or on CDROM or fiche at a FHC) along with other genealogical sources for these areas.

Instructions: The archival number in the last column contains a series number and item number(s). Use these numbers to find the FHL film number or online images through the FHL library catalog.

For archival numbers 47 series, 2, 1, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, and 62 series 1; search under Armenia, Church Records and find the collection for the "Consistory of Erevan." Note that there are five screens of inventory to scroll through.

For archival numbers 53 series 2, 4, 5, and 357 series 1; search under Georgia (Republic), Church Records and find the collection for the "Consistory of Imeretiya, Gruziya." Note that there are two screens of inventory to scroll through.