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St. Joseph's Church, Calumet, Michigan

Diamond Jubilee Booklet Extractions - 1 August 1965

Copyright © 1995 Slovenian Genealogy Society International, all rights reseved

Background from Christine Jensen (5 May 1996)

The source is the soft cover booklet (72 pages) that St. Joseph's Church in Calumet, Michigan had printed to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee on Aug. 1, 1965. The founding date of the church was Nov. 29, 1890. My family helped found the church and my great-great uncle was the bishop in the Upper Penisula of Michigan at the time.

My father (now deceased) got a copy of the Jubilee Booklet shortly after and my step-mother has it. She let me copy it last November.

 Christine extracted five short portions of this Jubilee Book, which are presneted below:

  1. Parishoners and Benefactors contributing to the decoration of the church (1965).
  2. First Confirmation Class of Present Church: 28 June 1908
  3. Confirmation Class, September 14, 1964
  4. Confirmation Class May 2, 1965
  5. List of Church members serviing in the armed forces during World War II (1941-1945)
  6. Jubilee Booklet Patrons (1965)

These lists of names are from the St. Joseph's Diamond Jubilee Booklet, 1890-1965
Calumet, Michigan

"The Parishioners and Benefactors who by sacrifices fulfilled their quota toward the decorating of the church for its Diamond Jubilee, August 1, 1965"

Mrs. John Agnich Family
Miss Anna Anicich
Mr. John Anicich
Mrs. Anna Bacher
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bacher
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bagatini
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bammert
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Baratono
Mrs. Sophie Blitz
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bracco, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Butala
Miss Rose Caesar
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Capello
Memorial to Mary Cleary
Mr. & Mrs. Authur Coppo
Mrs. Mary Dusa
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Elenich
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Fink
Mr. John Frankovich
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gasperich
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gasperich
Miss Ann Geshel
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Geshel
Mrs. Margaret Geshel
Mrs. Ignatius Glowczynski
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Grahek, Sr.
Mr. Joseph Grahek
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Grichar
Mrs. Otto Hammerberg
Mrs. Napoleon Hould
Mrs. Katherine Ilenich
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Jerman
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Kastelic
Mrs. Katherine Kastelic & Son
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Kastelic
Rev. Joseph A. Kichak
Miss Mary Klobuchar
Memorial to Michael John Klobuchar
Miss Mae L. Kobe
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kobe
Mrs. Anna Kolbisen
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Krupp
Mr. Alfred Kump
Mrs. Anna Kump
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kump
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Kump
Mr. & Mrs. John Kure
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald LaBonte
Miss Kathleen Lackner
Mr. & Mrs. Adolph LaMuth
Mrs. Agnes LaMuth and Son
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore M. Ley
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Locatelli
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lokar
Miss Anne Lukezich
Mr. & Mrs. John Lukezich
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Maczynski
Mr. & Mrs. George Mahaffay
Mr. Peter Maierle
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Marson
Mrs. Peter Maurin
Miss Mollie Mayhar
Miss Frances Mishica
Miss Mary Mishica
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mishica
Mrs. Robert Morrison
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mukavetz
Murn Boys
Mr. & Mrs.John Murn
Miss Ann Murvich
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Musich
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Musich
Mr. & Mrs. Elmo Negro
Mrs. Theresa Niemi
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Novak
Mrs. Katherine Novak
Mr. Frank Panijan
Mrs. Josephine Peschel
Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Peterlin
Mr. & Mrs. John Peterlin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peterlin
Miss Mary Phillips
Mr. Frank Plautz
Mr. & Mrs. John Plute
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Poull
Mr. & Mrs. Anton Rangus
Mrs. Mary Rangus and Sophie
Mr. & Mrs. Max Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. John Rogina
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Rom
Mr. John Rom
Mrs. Charles Ryan
Miss Frances Schaltz
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shaltz
Mrs. Antonia Shutey
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Skufca
Mr. Joseph M. Skufca
Slovenian Women's Union
Mrs. Anne Sotlich
Mr. & Mrs. John Sprietzer
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stanfel
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Staricha
Mr. Francis Sterk
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sterk
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strucel
Mrs. Joseph Stukel
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sustarich
Mr. & Mrs. James Tepatti
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Thurner
Mrs. Christine Toupin
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Trudell
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Ucman
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weiss, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weiss, Sr.
Mr. Joseph J. Werschay
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Zunich
St. Joseph's Alter Society
St. Joseph's Choir
St. Joseph's Church, Calumet, Michigan

2) First Confirmation Class of Present Completed Church - June 28, 1908

Note: The original St. Joseph's Church burned down on December 2, 1902. All records were destroyed.

Names from photo:

1st row: ? Kapish, Mary Gorshe, Mary Stukel, Mary ?, Mary Ellenich, Kate Zunich, Annie Tabor, Annie Derzaj, Tracy Vidosh, ? Fink, Pauline Lovrencick, Pauline Murn, Kate Kocjan, Frances Pontello, Annie Filip, ?, Rose Sustarich, Mary Vidosh, Mary Klobuchar, Frances Strucel, Frances Stimetz, Anna Schneller

2nd row: Molly Marzene, ? Sterbentz, Mary Sotlich, Kate Sunich, Caroline Shaltz, Annie Lakner, Kate Lakner, Mary Filip, Annie Ruppe, Elizabeth Terdich, Mary Judnich, Annie ?, Mary Stefanac, Kristine Scheringer, Mary Medved, Mary Spehar, Mary Urbas, Frances Shaltz, Mary Mishica, Annie Rom.

3rd row: Katherine Butala, ? Swetich, ? Kapsh, Anna Spehar, Annie Fortun, Father Klopcic, Anna Grahek, Mary Maierle, Mary Muvrin, Frances Sunich

4th row: Paul Shaltz, John Gazvoda, Joe Sustarich, George Sterbentz, Joe Vidosh, John Grahek, Matt Likovich, Frank Plautz, Joe Vogrin, ? Vogrin, John Grahek, ? Sterbentz, ?, ?, Joe Schneller, John Puhek, ? Wertin, Joe Shaltz, John Sterk, Joe Schmalzel, Joe Butala

5th row: Stanley Sterbentz, John Gazvoda, Joe Sweiger, Matt Grahek, Paul Spehar, Matt Samida, Martin Pershe, Joe Gorshe, Anton Adam, Albiin Stanfel, John Puhek, ?, Jacob Grahek, Peter Adam, George Strucel, ?, ? Sterbentz, Steve Kestner, John Jerman, ?, John Fortun, Joe Mishica, Paul Spehar, Joe Zunich

Frank Radej, Organist and Joseph Likovich


Thomas Fulayter
Marie Gasperich
Patti Herstrom
Patrick Kobe
Mary Ann Kocjan
Mary Kovachich
Christine Kump
Dennis Kump
Stanley LaMuth
Rita Lukezich
Dorothy Spehar
Kathryn Spehar
Michael Strucel
Katherine Ann Thurner
Frances Margaret Ucman
Frank Ucman
Catherine Vairo
Mrs. Elizabeth Ellenich

Contributed by Christine Jensen,
SGS California Chapter


First posted: 5 May 1996

Brenda Butkovich
Joseph Ellenich
James Gorup
Mary Ann Grichar
Carol Lynn Kocjan
Mary Katherine Peterlin
John Joseph Ryan
Deborah Spehar


List of Church members that served in the armed forces during World War Two (1941-1945)

*They gave their lives in the service of their country

Adams, Robert*
Adams, John
Agnich, John
Agnich, Joseph
Ardus, Joseph Walter
Arko, Peter
Augustine, Albert
Augustine, Joseph
Bachar, Rudolph
Bachar, Joseph
Banovetz, John
Banovetz, Joseph
Baranowski, Louis J.
Baranowski, William W.
Baratono, James
Barich, Stephen
Bonenfant, Joseph, Jr.
Borovsky, John
Brula, Albert
Brula, Paul
Butala, Edward L.
Butala, Ernest M.
Butala, John
Butala, Peter
Butala, Jacob
Cekada, Frank, Jr.
Certalich, Joseph
Dragman, Joseph
Dusa, Anton
Elenich, Albert
Elenich, Frank
Elenich, John
Elenich, Lawrence
Elenich, Robert
Fink, John L.
Fink, Joseph P,.
Fink, Joseph
Fink, Albert John
Gasparich, Anton R.
Gasparich, Joseph Robert
Gasparich, Albert
Gasparich, Francis Joseph
Gasparich, Joseph A. *
Gasparich, Martin
Gasvoda, Christine *
Gasvoda, Joseph
Geshel, Rudolph J.
Geshel, Rudolph
Geshel, Albert A.
Geshel, John
Geshel, Rudolph
Gorup, John
Grahek, Anthony J.
Grahek, Frank
Grahek, Edward F.
Grahek, John
Gregorich, Andrew
Gregorich, Emil
Gregorich, Frank M.
Grichar, Joseph F.
Hammerberg, Otto, Jr.
Hrebec, Frank
Hrebec, Joseph
Hrebec, John
Hrebec, Peter, Jr.
IIenich, John, Jr.
Jakobcich, Charles
Jenich, Edward L.
Jenich, Louis
Jerele, Charles
Jerman, Frank C.
Jerman, Ralph B.
Kastelic, Edward
Kastelic, Edward
Kastelic, Joseph
Kastelic, Matt, Jr.
Kastelic, Rudolph
Kastelic, John R.
Klansek, Rudolph
Klobuchar, Frank
Klobuchar, Frank
Klobuchar, Frank
Klobuchar, Matthew
Klobuchar, Mike
Klobuchar, Robert
Klobuchar, Joseph
Kobe, Albert
Kobe, Peter
Kocjan, Albert
Kocjan, John
Kovachich, John, Jr.
Kovachich, Rudolph
Kralj, Fred M.
Kralj, John, Jr.
Kralj, Joseph
Kralj, Matt L.
Kump, Eugene R.
Kump, George
Kump, Joseph
Kump, Stephen
Kuzma, Clarence
Kuzma, John *
Kuzma, Ralph
Kuzma, Rudolph R.
Lackner, Albert
Lamuth, Adolph
Lamuth, Frederick R.
Lamuth, John J.
Lamuth, Ralph
Lenich, Clarence
Lokar, Ralph
Lukezich, Albin
Lukezich, Edward
Lukezich, John
Lukezich, Joseph
Lukezich, Rudolph
Lynn, Edwin
Maczynski, Anthony
Maczynski, Alexander
Maczynski, Stephen
Madajewski, Francis
Maierle, Peter F.
Maierle, Carl A.
Maierle, Lawrence P.
Maierle, Paul M.
Maurin, Carl
Maurin, Emil
Maurin, Albert
Maynarich, Louis
Medved, Joseph
Milinovich, Rudolph
Mishica, Robert
Mukavetz, Albert
Mukavetz, John
Mukavetz, Rudolph
Mukavetz, Rudolph
Mukavetz, Paul, Jr.
Murn, Frank
Musich, Albert
Musich, Benedict
Musich, Ernest
Musich, Albert
Musich, Catherine
Musich, Francis
Musich, Joseph A.
Musich, Joseph
Musich, John F.
Novak, Frank
Novak, Joseph
Novak, Louis
Oswald, Alfred
Panijan, Joseph
Pechawer, Jacob
Pechawer, Stephen
Pechawer, Frederick
Perko, Carl J.
Peterlin, Ferdinand J.
Peterlin, Roman J.
Plautz, Bernard
Plautz, Joseph M.
Plautz, Frank
Plute, Joseph
Plute, Leo R.
Puhek, Joseph A.
Rangus, Frank
Rangus, Joseph
Rangus, Louis
Rangus, Ralph *
Rangus, Anthony
Rauch, Elmer
Regis, John, Jr.
Rogina, Frank
Rogina, Matthew J.
Rogina, Joseph
Rom, Jacob
Rozman, William
Rozman, Edward
Sadler, Edward
Sadler, Frederick
Sadler, Ralph M.
Saitz, Joseph P.
Saitz, Frederick
Saitz, Edward
Saitz, Peter
Saitz, Ralph
Saitz, Rudolph
Schmalzel, Rudolph
Selak, John
Semanski, Clarence
Shaltz, Clyde F.
Shaltz, Peter
Shaltz, Rudolph Ralph
Shaltz, Joseph M.
Shimandle, Joseph, Jr.
Schutey, Albert John
Schutey, Antionette Clara
Sitar, William
Sitar, Matt
Skufca, Frank
Skufca, Albert
Skufca, Edward
Skufca, John
Skufca, Joseph
Smreker, John, Jr.
Somrak, John M., Jr.
Somrak, Carl
Sotlich, Francis
Sotlich, John
Spehar, Joseph R., Jr.
Spehar, John
Spehar, Rudolph
Spreitzer, Edward
Spreitzer, Ernest Ralph
Spreitzer, Frank
Sprietzer, Matt *
Sprietzer, Jacob
Stanfel, Edward F. *
Stanfel, James
Staricha, Edward
Staricha, Joseph
Staricha, Louis
Staricha, John M.
Staudohar, John
Staudohar, Joseph
Stefanich, Rudolph
Sterbentz, Martin, Jr.
Sterk, Frank A.
Sterk, John R.
Sterk, Joseph P.
Sterk, Martin
Sterk, Francis F.
Stopar, Albert
Strucel, Peter P.
Strucel, Gervaise George
Strucel, Michael Edward
Stukel, August
Sunich, John M.
Sunich, Peter F.
Sunich, Joseph F.
Sustarich, Frank
Sustarich, Rudolph M.
Sustarich, John Edward
Sustarich, Joseph
Sustarich, Rudolph
Swetish, Edward Anton
Swetish, Anton (Pat)
Tobola, Carl John
Toth, John, Jr.
Turk, Albert
Turk, Albert
Turk, William Frank
Ucman, Albert
Ucman, Joseph *
Ucman, Rudolph J.
Vertin, Albin
Vertin, Albert *
Vertin, Bernard
Vertin, John Robert, Jr.
Vertin, Joseph
Vertin, Jacob P,
Vertin, Ralph
Vertin, Rudolph
Vertin, Rupert
Vertin, Rupert
Weiss, Frank
Zalec, Robert


Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Adams, Frankfort, Indiana
John Agnich Family
Dr. & Mrs. John G. Albright
Anna M. Anicich
John Anicich
Mrs. Theresa Anicich
Dr. & Mrs. R. J. Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Asselin
John Bacher
Martin Bacher
Martin Bacher, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ed T. Bagatini
Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Bahor
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bammert
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Banovetz, Jr.
Mrs. Henry Bessner
Ida Blum
Mrs. Phillip D. Bourland
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bracco
Clem Brown, South Bend
Mrs. Michael Brown
Joseph and May Butala
Rose Caesar
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Capello
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Cocking, Milwaukee
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Coppo
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Dion
Mrs. Mary Dusa
Albert Elenich
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Elenich
Rudolph Elenich
Dr. Edla L. Fahlen
Mr. & Mrs. W. John Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Gazvoda
Mrs. Mary Gazvoda
Mr. & Mrs. Louis C. Gerbec, Houghton
Miss Anna Geshel
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Geshel
Mr. & Mrs. Irving C. Goulette
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Gray
Mrs. Frank Gregorich
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Grichar
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Hammerberg
Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Harter
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Heineman
Dr. & Mrs. F. S. Hosking
Mrs. Joseph E. Hould
Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Hrovtich, Indiana
Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Ilenich
Mrs. John Ilenich
Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Ilenich, Ohio
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Ilenich, Utica
Mr. & Mrs. Emil Jackovich
Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Kaiser
Mrs. Katherine Kastelic
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Kastelic
Anna Kestner
Mrs. Amalia Kichak
Fr. Joseph A. Kichak
Mrs. Crescence Klobuchar
Mary Klobuchar
Dr. & Mrs. R. F. Klobuchar
Dr. & Mrs. F. G. Knepple
Mae L. Kobe
Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Koivunen
Mrs. Mary Kreus
Joseph Kroll
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Kump
John Kure
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lakner
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lakner
Dr. & Mrs. V. E. Lepisto
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Leavitt
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Ley, New York
Mrs. Mary M. Lewis
Anne and Rose Lukezich
Mr. & Mrs. John Lukezich
D. W. MacQueen
Mr. & Mrs. George Mahaffay
Carl A. Maierle, Tennessee
Larry T. Maierle, Dearborn
Dr. & Mrs. O. F. Manzini
Mrs. Margaret Matlock, Allen Park
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Maurin
Dr. & Mrs. M. D. Meier
Frances and Mary Mishica
Joan Mishica
Mr. & Mrs. John Mishica
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mishica
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Mode
Mrs. Gervase Murphy
Ann Murvich
Frank J. Musich
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Musich
Frank Novak
Mrs. Katherine Novak
Dr. & Mrs. D. H. Oatley
Mr. & Mrs. Clement F. O'Neil
Stephen Panfil, Battle Creek
Mrs. Rose Pasich
Mrs. Josephine Peschel
Mary C. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Phillips
Mrs. Florence K. Pirkola
Marsha Ann Pirkola
Paul Henry Pirkola
Mr. & Mrs. John Plute
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pontello
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Poull
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rauch and Laurie Ann
Mr. & Mrs. Jackie Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. Max W. Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reilly
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Repola
Mrs. Lucile Richardson
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Roche
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Rowe
Gerald and Roland Roy
Mr. & Mrs. William Runnion, Battle Creek
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ruppe
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ruppe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ryan, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ryan
Mary Patricia Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Sanford
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Savini
Frances Shaltz
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Shimandle
Col. & Mrs. W. H. Shimonek
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Skufca
Mrs. Anne Sotlich
Mr. & Mrs. John Spreitzer
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stanfel
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Staricha
Mrs. Anna Staudohar
Mrs. George Strucel
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Strucel
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Strucel
Mayme and Kathryn Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sustarich
Mr. & Mrs. James Tepatti
Carl Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Vertin
Harold E. Vertin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Vertin
Mary Margaret Vertin
Paul J. Vertin
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph J. Vertin
Clara A. Waldenmeyer
Joseph J. Werschay
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. H. Williams