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BLITZ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1: "When was Blitz formed?"

A1: In the early 1990's, as the Soviet Union was breaking up and going through many changes. Edward Nute received many business ideas from friends he had met while traveling to the former Soviet Union. The idea which seemed most important and feasible was accessing information from the newly opened archives. Blitz has carried out very interesting work from genealogy research, book information finding, current event reporting, business locating and reporting to live person locating ... We continue to work very closely with clients and search all possible avenues for information and findings.

Q2: "How would I know if you will be able to find anything?"

A2: We do not know beforehand if we will find anything. This depends a lot on the initial information which Blitz receives from each client. We provide very experienced researchers who know how to access many archival files.

Q3: "If you find anything, will this be new from what I have already?"

A3: We do not know what you already have found. However, you should send to us what you already have so our researchers know and do not overlap.

Q4: "I have been using a different researcher in St. Petersburg but not much has been found. Will your research be different?"

A4: We would like to know exactly what was done and found so our researchers can pursue different research lines.

Q5: "How do you get started and what are the costs?"

A5: We start with a Preliminary search of published directories in the Russian State Historic Archives to find as many possible locations of information on the person or family you are researching. The current cost is $80 which is a reflection of the falling dollar exchange rate and rising costs in Russia. The more initial information you can provide us, the more specific resources our head researcher will look thru for pertinent information. Often when we find a file containing information on the surname, we will find vital records or gain an idea of where we will find these vital records.

The organization of the Russian Archives as well as this type of research, often creates quite a bit of sleuthing for the researcher. Once we begin a search and start to uncover information, we will have a better idea as to where and what can be found. Within the Preliminary search report, our researcher will offer suggestions for continued research. Continued research is charged at a rate of $20 per hour. Often, if there is a very large research project agreed upon by a client, Blitz will negotiate a retainer to begin the work and charge a balance upon completion of this work.

Please submit as much information as you can, the specific goals of your research as well as payment (payment info below) to us via email or mail and our research office in St. Petersburg, Russia will begin the search. If you have more questions before you take on this search, let me know.

Q6: "How do I pay?"

A6: We take Visa and MasterCard, Personal USD checks, Money Orders or Wire Transfers. Please contact Kristin Nute in our for more payment details. Telephone 415-453-3579.