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American Society of Russian Naval History

The American Society for Russian Naval History was incorporated in the state of Virginia, USA in January of 1996 as a non-profit educational institution.

The Society absorbed and will continue the work of two existing programs: the Soviet Navy Archives Project and the St. Petersburg Historic Archives Project. It has also established an important relationship with the Russian Navy museum in Lakewood, New Jersey. The Society has three main goals:

  1. To promote research and disseminate knowledge on Russian naval history by a program of publication, acquisition and distribution of historical materials available in Russia, other states in the CIS, the United States and other countries;
  2. To assist in the preservation of historical materials and information sources (archives and libraries) on Russian naval history in Russia by implementing a program to install, among other items, computers and fire protection in relevant repositories; 
  3. To provide opportunities for the practitioners of Russian naval history (including, for example, historians, naval officers, veterans, archivists, curators, defense analysts, journalists, maritime archaeologists, film makers, reenactors and students) to associate in ways consistent with the aims of the Society.

The Society has received IRS 501.c3 eligibility and can therefore receive financial support from private foundations, government, other public agencies, corporations, and individuals. The Society will aggressively pursue financial and administrative support from all sources. It also plans to raise funds through a publication program.

We encourage the international naval and military history community as well as Sovietoloigists, genealogists and hobbyists to participate in the Society. Individuals and institutions are eligible to participate in the Society through an annual dues or a membership in kind. The latter option allows a person or institution to donate copies of personal papers, photographs or other documents to the Society in return for membership benefits.

Richard A. Russell
12201 Jonathons Glen Way
Herndon, Virginia 20170-2352

ASRNH Russian Language Books

ASRNH Publishing Projects

Staraia Ladoga, (Staraja, Old Ladoga)

Status .................... Dues
Retired/student ... US$15
Regular .............. $25 USD
Supporter .......... $50 USD
Steward ............ $100 USD

The AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR RUSSIAN NAVAL HISTORY encourages your support. Monies collected will be used to finance our Society and our programs.

Publishing Projects - The ASRNH is working with Blitz, the Russian-Baltic Information Center in St. Petersburg, Russia to publish the reference books on naval and military subjects as well as archival guides. Three archival reference books have already been published and are available through the ASRNH. A list of the publishing projects we are now working on is attached.

Modernization of the Russian Naval Archives - Archives in Russia, including the Naval archives contain invaluable historic materials but they are struggling. Not only are they allocated very little money for salaries, maintenance and even heating they also lack modern office equipment, stationery and sometimes even postage stamps. The ASRNH is working toward sending the two Navy archives in the St. Petersburg area personal computers, fax machines and other items necessary to set up a modern office.

If you would like to support our programs we encourage you become a friend of the
AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR RUSSIAN NAVAL HISTORY through annual dues listed below. Please make your check payable to the American Society for Russian Naval History.

Name: ___________________________________________________________



If you would like to donate toward one of the Society's publishing projects or the archive
modernization program please indicate below:

Publishing project:___________________________________________Amount_______

Modernization of the Russian Naval Archives Amount_______

Other project ideas________________________________________________________ 

Donations are tax deductible in the US.