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43 Jewish Families living at Murom Russia, 1913

By Vladimir Chernyshev
© copyright 1998-2001: by Vladimir Chernyshev, all rights reserved

BACKGROUND: Vladimir Chernyshev of Murom, Russia has made available to FEEFHS for posting on this website merchant and noble family surname indexes for the region of Murom Russia. It is a product of a decade of his archival research as a historian and genealogist.

This is a list of 43 Jewish Families that were living at Murom Russia as of 19 November 1913. (It is not clear whether Murom was within the Pale of Settlement at that time or not). This file was provide by Russian record researcher and archivist Vladimir Chernyshev of Murom. His source are records held by the Russian State archive of the Vladimir area.

Jewish Families
1. Ievsey Ierkus
2. Tereza Fridberg
3. Shmuyla Ariya Aaronov Gurevich
4. Ester Haim Leybova
5. Ludvig Filipov Gordon
6. Abe Yaikel Shimilev Mikets
7. Movna Leyzerov Gofmav
8. Mendel Aaron Gorodetsky
9. Aysin Shmuilov Libster
10. Mordukh Izrailev Muronets
11. Honya Leyzerov Blyahman
12. Aaron Veniaminov Shenfein
13. Gavriil Shay Izrailev Kogan
14. Rafail Kalmakov Ravin
15. Iosif Veniaminov Shenfein
16. Mordyh Leizerov Blyahman
17. Havn David Gorodin
18. Shimel Yankelev Mikets
19. Girsha Itskov Veprinsky
20. Isaak Izrailev Kagan
21. Amitan Yankel Zakmanov
22. Simka Hatskeleva Ganzburg
23. Fruma Ioseleva Pinson
24. Ryvka Abramova Bobrovskaya
25. Sara Movsheva Grinberg
26. Movsha Nahimov Yakubovich
27. Mar Zalman Ieysahov Breger
28. Ester Miheleva Gershanok
29. Lev Matksovich Rozental
30. Lev Idikov Nayshul
31. Samuil Abramov Yakubson
32. Ariy Movshev Pinkus
33. Shlem Zalman Abramov Yakubson
34. Haim Davidov Ganzburg
35. Bunya Yureveda Izraileva Kagan
36. Emma Yakubova Bronzovich
37. Aaron Shmonov Kovalsky
38. Aaron Haimov Queen
39. Model Abramov Krol
40. David Yudelev Karmovsky
41. Izrail Iosel Leibov Kagan
42. Matlya Neuhova Ginzburg
43. Lidiya Semenova Nodelman

A note from researcher Vladimir Chernyshev:

  1. The submitted names are fixed in Russian transcription. Probably, their spelling is deformed.
  2. The given list carries fact-finding character. The items of information on the basic place of residing of the persons of a Jewish nationality with the indication of date of birth, and also number of family are specified in the original (archival text). All this is present and at our disposal."

VLADIMIR CHERNYSHEV is a native of MUROM and a research professional at the MUROM Museum of History and Art. He is fluent in Russian and English. He welcomes serious inquries regarding professional assignments to research families known to have lived in or near Murom and to provide translatation of his research into English.

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