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Palatine Index - background and guide

Full Names from Pal-index : A surname index of eighteenth century immigrants (Palatine Index 1727-1775)
By Charles M. Hall


This 147-page genealogy reference book, containing a 129-page index (of about 6,500 Palatines) was self-published by the author, Charles M. Hall, in 1979.

He also published two copyright editions of the Palatine Pamphlet, which contains a list of the sources used in the Pal-Index as well as a short list of other Palatine-related indices.


This is a full name index of about 6,000 Germanic "Palatines" from Alsace-Lorraine, Switzerland and southern Germany (under construction).

This Full Name Finding Aid gives the full name and the date of the record. Available from this book, but NOT listed here are:

  • "Origin" (locatity of origin in Europe)
  • "Source" (reference source documenting this information)
  • "Rel. Settled" (region settled, usually in America)

Prefixes to the Date in Pal-Index

In Pal-Index, under "Date"; the following abbreviations are used as a prefix to the year.

A = Arrived in America
F = Emigrated
H = Born
M = Married

These prefixes have not been included in this finding aid.

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